One- and Two-Week Refresher Courses

Type: Refresher Courses
Level: Beginner A1, Advanced Beginner A2, Intermediate B1, Advanced B2

One-week online class
2 hours every day, $299
10am–12pm / 1pm–3pm / 4pm–6pm / 7pm–9pm

Two-week online class
2.5 hours twice a week, $299
Monday & Wednesday / Tuesday & Thursday
10am–12:30pm / 1pm–3:30pm / 5pm–7:30pm

Brush up your French with refresher courses offered online for beginner to advanced students. Flexible scheduling with choice of one-week and two-week classes.

Engage with our teachers in virtual classrooms to reinforce your conversation abilities, as well as improve your comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary skills.