Summer Fun in French Day Camps for Kids:
Les Petits Artistes

Location: In Person at FIAF Manhattan
Level: French as a Second Language, French for Native Speakers
Summer: Jun 20–Aug 12

Grades K–1 / Ages 5–6
1-week camps, Mon-Fri, 9:15am-4:15pm, $789/week

Grades 2–5 / Ages 7–10
1-week camps, Mon-Fri, 9:30am-4:30pm, $789/week

Kids will laugh, play, explore, and stay active all summer long as they learn about The Arts. Each week’s camp will be themed to focus on a different art expression, such as music, dance, painting, theater and even comics. Throughout the summer, kids will practice their French as they unleash their inner artist!

Open to all levels of French including native French-speaking kids. Whether your child is brand new to French or already proficient, these day camps will help them learn and improve their French while having fun and making new friends.

The FIAF Advantage

  • An authentic French-language immersive approach that will benefit all children whether they are complete beginners, native French speakers, or somewhere in between.
  • Small groups the maintain social distancing. See our safety guidelines below.

Please provide your child with 2 nut-free snacks, a cold lunch, and a re-fillable water bottle. They should be dressed comfortably for all activities.

Discover every art form! Sign up for all eight weeks for maximum fun and learning.

  • Typical Day

    Grades K-1:
    9:15-9:45am: Drop-off and free play
    9:45-10am: Welcome and daily routine
    10-11:15am: French Class and snack
    11:15am-12:30pm: Themed project
    12:30-1pm: Lunch time
    1-1:30pm: Playground or Walk outside (if possible)
    1:45-2:15pm: Free play and resting time
    2:15-3:30pm: Themed project
    3:30-4:15pm: Review of the day, cleaning time, goodbyes and dismissal.

    Grades 2-5:
    9:30-10am: Drop-off and free play
    10-10:15am: Welcome and daily routine
    10:15-11:15am: French Class and snack
    11:15am-12:30pm: Themed project
    12:30-1pm: Lunch time
    1-1:45pm: Playground or Walk outside (if possible)
    1:45-2:15pm: Free play
    2:15-3:45pm: Themed project
    3:45-4:30pm: Review of the day, cleaning time, goodbyes and dismissal.

    Please provide your child with two nut-free snacks and a lunch

  • Week 1: June 20-23* — Painting and Sculpting

    Painting and Sculpting

    Day 1 – Fernando Costa, numbers and letters
    Day 2 – Henri Matisse and Nature
    Day 3 – Auguste Herbin and the shapes
    Day 4 – Paul Cézanne and fruits

    *No class/camp on Monday, June 19 (Juneteenth)

  • Week 2: June 26-30 — Music to the Ears

    Music to the Ears

    Day 1 – Singing and playing like Troubadours
    Day 2 – Camille Saint Saens and “The Carnival of the Animals”
    Day 3 – Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy as modern masterminds
    Day 4 – From Edith Piaf to Joe Dassin, an anthem to Paris
    Day 5 – Folk music from the regions of France

  • Week 3: July 3-7* — Dance and Circus

    Dance and Circus

    Day 1 – Discovering our body & the different styles of dance
    Day 2 – Here enters Monsieur Loyal!
    Day 3 – It’s puppet time!
    Day 4 – Who will juggle the longest?

    *No class/camp on Tuesday, July 4 (Independence Day)

  • Week 4: July 10-14 — “Click!”, it’s Photograph and Architecture week

    “Click!”, it’s Photograph and Architecture week

    Day 1 – the Art-Déco photography and architecture
    Day 2 – Henri Cartier-Bresson and candid photography
    Day 3 – Brassaï and his love for Paris
    Day 4 – Patrick Demarchelier and the fashion industry
    Day 5 – Yann Artus-Bertrand and nature

  • Week 5: July 17-21 — Lights, Camera, Action!

    Lights, Camera, Action!

    Day 1 – “L’Odysée de Choum”, a tale of owl and family in the bayou. France/Belgique, 2019
    Day 2 – The sock thieves of “Made in France”. France, 2017
    Day 3 – “The Girl who Hated Books”. Canada, 2006
    Day 4 – “Riba” : discovering Lyon and music. France, 2003
    Day 5 – “Sweet Cocoon”, when caterpillars turn into butterflies. France, 2014

  • Week 6: July 24-28 — Once Upon a Time in Literature

    Once Upon a Time in Literature

    Day 1 – Tales and Fables
    Day 2 – Poetry
    Day 3 – Novels and short-stories
    Day 4 – Albums
    Day 5 – Theater

  • Week 7: July 31-August 4 — La Bande-Dessinée

    La Bande-Dessinée, comics made in France and Belgium!

    Day 1 – Tintin and Milou / Boule and Bill representing Belgium
    Day 2 – Spirou, Fantasio and Spip as a bridge between France and Belgium
    Day 3 – Asterix, Obelix and Idefix for French adventures
    Day 4 – Houba Houba Hop! This is the Marsupilami
    Day 5 – The blue village of the Smurfs, born in Belgium

  • Week 8: August 7-11 — Theater: The Show Must Go On

    Theater: The Show Must Go On

    Day 1 – What is “le théâtre” ?
    Day 2 – Costumes, make-up and accessories
    Day 3 – Kamishibaï, the image-theater from Japan
    Day 4 – Discovering the theater as a place
    Day 5 – Ladies and gentlemen, it’s show time!

Note About Camp/Class Formats: Fun in French Camps and Teen Cultural Discoveries Clubs are held in person only. Summer classes for toddlers (ages 1-5) are offered in person or online. Immersion classes for teens (grades 6-12) are HyFlex with online and in-person students attending the same class via 360° cameras in the classroom.

Classroom Guidelines (as of 9/7/2022): Masks are optional and proof of Covid-19 vaccination is no longer requried to attend a class or event at any FIAF location. Read more.